Monday, July 29, 2013

Father-Daughter Weekend Trip

This past weekend my dad and I went on a super fun and relaxing trip to Charleston, SC. Thursday after work Dad met me in Saint Augustine and we headed on our way. For most of the trip we were able to ride with the top down which was super nice. Definitely made me miss my old jeep. 

I was kind of scared I was going to drop my camera for this. Trying to capture the moment.
Friday we wandered around Charleston and the local area. Charleston is full of beautiful houses. The area by the beach was so nice.  Friday night we went to a DELICIOUS restaurant called S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad). We sat right in front of the open kitchen, it was fun to be able to watch everyone work. 

After dinner we headed to a movie theater and watched Red 2. I thought it was really great, Dad said the first one was even better. Definitely a good movie to watch in a theater. 

Saturday morning we decided to go and walk around more, just in case we missed anything. When we stepped outside of the hotel we were happy to find the local farmers market right outside our front steps! I loved it. Definitely one of my favorite markets. So many wonderful local delicacies and cool art.

 After a bit of walking around and getting lunch we headed back to the hotel for a nap and some relaxing. Then it was time for the surprise! Barenaked Ladies concert featuring Guster and Ben Folds Five. Oh man, so fun! We had a blast!

This is a super typical look that my father gives. 

Did I mention second row?

I love Father-Daughter trips. They make my heart happy. I am thankful to be blessed with such a great family.

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  1. What a fun trip!!! I love when you post and I love seeing your beautiful face! Love you!!