Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tis Time.

Considering my last post was super depressing I probably amend it with a more positive post! Zach is pretty much back to 100%. That whole thing was super scary and I hated every minute of it. I learned that I am not that type of woman who can put on a fake smile and say, "Everything is fine, you will be fine." I learned that I am the type of woman that immediately thinks of ALL the possible horrible things that may be happening and think of  all the different ways that our lives could change. Blech. Perhaps over time I will get better at this; staying more positive when/if something scary happens to someone I love so so so much.
Taken over 7 years ago!
I am currently in my last week of my first Level II Fieldwork experience and I am super pumped for my week off! Interning at Brooks Rehab has been an amazing learning experience. I could totally imagine myself working for Brooks but only time will tell! I definitely can't imagine making the drive to Jacksonville every day. That took a toll on me.
Where I spent 3 whole months!
Over my break Zach and I are going to spend some time at a wonderful cabin in Andrews, NC that our gracious pastors are letting us stay in. We are going hiking, whitewater rafting, and exploring the little towns including Asheville, NC. We are both super excited and can't wait to get away from everything and just spend time with each other.
So excited to spend some time here!
After a wonderful week with Zach, we drive back to Florida and then it's time for KAGDUBS! Yes, I am so dang excited. Very few weekends have the ability to top these once-a-year trips with my favorite girls. I am sure hilarious times are in our near future.
From a past KAGDUBS.
 After KAGDUBs it will be time for my 2nd Level II Fieldwork rotation. Should be another great learning experience! I will be sure to write about it eventually. Probably in three months. . .


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  1. kaley! i flip out over everything too...maybe everyone does? especially health stuff b/c it actually matters unlike the other junk in our lives. i'm coming back to the States for x-mas...meetup then? does zach play tons of video games? tee-hee bye!