Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Good and Very Bad of Living in NJ

So today I had a day off from work!! Yayyy. . . . .it was somewhat relaxing, but some of it was very not-in-any-way-relaxing. Let me tell you why. . . Today was the day I went to get my new (and very much required) New Jersey state license and brand new tags for my car (because I had to).

In no way is going to the DMV ever a fun trip. There are always lines and the people who work there are never pleased to be there. On this particular day it was about 43 degrees outside, very windy, and very rainy. Not like Florida rain. . . . but like thick slanty downpoury rain (no good in any way when it's 43 degrees outside). I waited in my lines and then got my picture taken-----I am very pale now and it makes me kinda sad. After waiting in lines for my license and voters registration I bitterly handed the unhappy, very very pale lady my hard earned money and headed to the next line. Tag and registration time! At the end of this lovely line I handed over way more money for TWO tags (because you need TWO here for the front and back of your car----at first I thought she gave me one too many on accident) and a registration that feels more like a meal ticket. Very very flimsy and sad looking. Something that I would lose the first day if it not stay in my cars glove box. Hope it never gets wet because it will definitely disintegrate immediately. When I thought my trip was over I was informed that I had 15 days to get my car inspected. I said "Huh?" and then remembered that because I live in the glorious state of New Jersey it is my every-2-year duty to get my car inspected!

There was no way I was driving all the way home to come back on my next day off. Time to get in my car and wait in another line. I love my car. It's comfortable. . . very nice looking exterior and interior. Great sound system. . . .has a kazoo holder thanks to Josh Hagar. Runs really well. Even has a little computer that lets me know exactly how many miles I have left before my car runs our of gas, the air pressure of my tires, and how much life my oil has left. Oh. . . and tinted windows. However, my wonderful car still failed the inspection. Why? Because my 2 front doors have tinted windows.

Not wanting to have to deal with the tint "problem" on my next day off, I decided to take my car out to the parking lot and fix the "problem" myself. So I sat there and peeled away the beautiful tinting on my 2 front door windows. It was actually not that hard. . . however I still need to get some Goo-Gone and get off the invisible but very sticky glue that stayed on the windows. I took my car back to the inspection people and it passed this time with flying colors (Good job Saturn. . . good job).


  1. Kaley! I'm loving your blog, it's great! I think Jersey is a little bit more like Maryland than Florida so I think it's funny that you're not used to the inspections and two license plate thing. Don't they pump your gas up there, too? I always think that's weird. I hope you are enjoying Starbucks. Best job I ever had. Glad to see you and Zach are doing so well. God bless!


  2. I would be so frustrated if I were you! That sounds awful! Be sure to do something extra fun on your next day off :)

  3. What a day! You know if I was there I would've gone with you to the DMV...we would have made it fun. Not as fun as the court house, but close I'm sure ;)