Monday, October 26, 2009

Here We Gooooo!

If I were not living here I would wonder, "Hmmm. . . I wonder what it looks like up there in Princeton, NJ. Are there aliens everywhere? Are there sky scrapers everywhere or are there just miles and miles of corn fields?" For this reason, I decided it would be a good idea if I took pictures on my way to work. So today, I finally remembered to bring my camera along. I took pictures the whole way without getting into one car accident! So here we go. . . .

We live right across from some woods and a field. At least once a week we will see deer in the field or on the outskirts of the woods. They are very comfortable around people. I mean, not comfortable enough for you to go up and pet them . . . but they don't run away if they see you.

I drive down this road for a bit (Canal Point). . . .

Then I turn onto this street (Alexander). I like going down this street early in the morning because I will likely get to see Charlie the gopher. He tends to hang out around a driveway. He doesn't know his name is Charlie, but I think it suits him/her.

I drive over this bridge. . . which goes over the canal. You can rent canoes and kayaks from here. . .we have not yet had the pleasure of doing this. The canal is forever long. . . .there is also and toe path that runs alongside it. Very very pretty. One day I will take pictures.

Then I keep driving down this road until I hit University Rd. where I take a right.

At that point I pass the "Dinky" which is the small train that takes you to the Princeton Junction Train Station. . . .from which you can go to Philly or NYC. Dinky!

As I get closer to the heart of Princeton I begin to pass Seminary and University buildings. They are all gorgeous! If you saw the last Transformers movie. . .then you saw Princeton!

I turn right onto Nassau St and head to Starbucks. I love Nassau St. It's so quaint-----yet expensive-----I can't wait to see it during Christmas~!

Part of the University.

Starbucks is right next door to this sweet looking Bavarian-esque building.

So that is how to get to the Starbucks on Nassau. Where I go about 5 days a week. Also, right around the corner is a delicious Italian restaurant called MezzaLuna.

Zach and I went here about 2 weeks ago for a nice dinner date. I had lamb and Zach had steak and it was amazing!
Right across the street from MezzaLuna is Small World Coffee.

Our friend from Saint Augustine Kevin McNeal works there (Who's wife is my good friend Rachael McNeal)! I hear they have good coffee and food. But then again. . . .so does Starbucks.

Oh and one more thing. Zach and I were going to try and make it to Delaware Water Gap this past weekend for a nice little vacation. I heard it's a great place to go and see some amazing fall foliage and waterfalls. But then we found a bed so we spent money on that instead. And here it is:

It's a sleigh bed and a queen and I absolutely love it! Oh and I put some curtain in the kitchen and hung lights! And by "curtains," I mean that I cut up an old tapestry that I made into a duvet cover a couple of years ago. I love reusing old things.

Until next time. . . miss you and love you all.

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