Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Love and Dentist Doo Doo

If I had a lot of money I would without a doubt have a wedding every year and invite all the same people . . . . plus friends I meet throughout time. Our wedding was just soooo fun and it kind of makes me sad that it's over. So I'm just saying. . . . if we ever get rich somehow, expect an invitation!

I just finished watching our wedding video. I love it and I have it all thanks to Peggy and Dane Ingram. Well, the video is courtesy of Dane. . . .but they both made it possible.

In other news. . . last night I had the misfortune of experiencing my first ever Root Canal! It was completely unplanned and no fun! Here's what happend: Like 3 years ago. . .when I still lived in a world where I was still on my parents insurance plan. . . I went to a dentist in Jacksonville. I don't remember this guys name. . .but I would never recommend him to anyone. After going through an appointment with him I was unable to chew on the left side of my mouth. After the appointment to fix that problem nothing changed.
Bada Bing Bada Boom---I'm in a lot of out-of-nowhere pain. I call a local dentist and get connected with an on-call dentist. He finally decides to meet with me at the office at 6:30pm. After a few shock tests on my teeth (worst) and an x-ray he reveals the solution to my problem: Root Canal!

An hour and a half later (a lot of full body shaking because I am scared to death of the possible pain, 2+ shots of Novacane in my gums and 2+ shots of Novacane in my roots later) I am pain free.


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  1. Ha, I know exactly what you mean about wanting multiple weddings.. same guy.. just another wedding! I tell kell my plans for our "next" wedding all the time.. I think it drives him nuts.. and it probably won't happen until our 25th anniversary.. but know you are invited!