Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today was a wonderful day. It started out with cleaning and cooking. . .which is fun in some ways. And by that I mean that the cooking part was fun. . . .not so much the cleaning. However, it was extremely necessary. Our friend Zack Strait was coming to town!

We originally had planned on going to visit our good friend Christina Congi and her family for Thanksgiving, however plans changed. Which was fine, but we still missed our Christina and her family. All is well, we had a wonderful time with our good friends Kevin, Rae, and Zack! My contribution to our Thanksgiving wonderfulness was Sweet Potato Casserole, Mimosa materials, and my Banana Pudding!

Kevin and Rae prepared a table full of yummies! It was wonderful to sit at a table with our loved ones even though we are all hundreds of miles from our families.

We laughed and ate delicious food. I must say. . . my plate was a masterpiece of delectable items.

After dinner we lounged on the couches and watched a few select episodes of the Chappelle's Show. It wasn't long before we were ready for dessert! Rae had prepared a pumpkin pie, Zach brought in some cupcakes from Magnolias in NYC, and I brought out my good ol' Nanna Puddin'.

This was mine and Zach's first Thanksgiving together . . . .did I mention that? January 10th will be our 1 year anniversary! YAY!!! We still love each other. . . yes even after one whole year!

We are thankful to be so incredibly blessed by love wherever we go. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We love and miss you all!

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  1. this entry warmed my heart! It was a blessed day for sure and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.