Sunday, October 17, 2010


Nothing exciting has happened and there is no news. However, I am going to post something because I'm tired of being told I don't post enough.
Recently I learned that one of the woman I work with collects American Girl dolls. Which you might think, "OK, kind of odd for a full grown woman to collect dolls but it happens." However, this woman calls her dolls her "children." She baths them, cuts their hair, and changes their clothes. She has been known to say things like, "Well, I've got to go home and give the kids a bath." Yes, she is married and as far as I know, the husband is fine with his wife's adopted children. To top off the obsession, there is a cork board above the desk where everyone keeps pictures of their kids. Among all the human children there is a picture of 6 doll-children sitting on a staircase smiling for their proud momma. Interesting eh?

Zach has been super busy with school and his field education. He can post about that whenever he wants to. I know I wouldn't do it justice.

ALSO! I completely slacked on posting about a crazy awesome gift that Zach received from our good friends Eric and Ruth. the Zachionfigure (sorry if I spelled that wrong.)

I know, super impressive. Plaid shirt, thick beard, hairy hands, chests, and arms. . . . couldn't have been more on point. This is just one of the many reasons why we enjoy our friends Ruth and Eric.

We are planning on going to D.C. for Rally to Restore Sanity. To be honest though, the only reason we are going is to meet up with my pops! He is going to be riding his motorcycle up from Tampa. Crazy man. He's stopping along the way so that's good. We are really excited to see Dad and even more excited that we get to spend the whole weekend with him. At some crazy rally. I will be sure to take pictures of all the rally-ness.

That is all. Love you and miss you all.


  1. Hey! Do you want to hang out when you come down? We can show off DC a bit! And give you a local traveling tips... Let me know if you need somewhere to crash.

  2. That lady and her dolls is super crazy. And real creepy. Be sure to keep your eyes open around her. Love you. And Zach. And Cheech and Scooby.

  3. crazy american doll lady! sounds like a real-life "make it or break it" scenario!