Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh what fun

Sometimes I get super nostalgic. Mainly because certain times in my past were super fun. In fact, they were super fun most of the time. Some of these times were captured on video. Not all of the times, that would be impossible, but just tiny glimpses of the past. Like this gem:

I realize that this may seem like nothing to a lot of people. But I am pretty sure that for the people in the video, this little video brings back a lot of good memories from a really really funny time. I loved living with these girls, and do not be fooled, living with a boy---whom I love and would never in a bagillion years change roomies---- is in no way the same thing. We still have funny times. **think GUMBY** But if you are in college. . . or just out of college. . . . you should live with girls who you plan on being friends with forever (and ever and ever and ever and ever).

In other news, Zach is currently writing a 10 page paper. It's due Sunday evening. Right about now he should be on his 5th page. But that's just a guess. He is in the computer lab typing/thinking/being a genius. You might be wondering why he is working on his paper right now since it is due Sunday evening. Because you know Zach, and you know that he enjoys/ends up writing his papers at the very last moment. Works best under pressure? He is writing now because WE are going to D.C. TOMORROW to meet up with MY PARENTS!! YAYYY I am so dang excited. Perhaps I will video a bit from this weekend, because it's going to be filled with laughs and good times.

More random: My friend Victor being awesome. . . sorry you can't see him that well .. . . but he sounds AWESOME!

hermmm what else. I am currently reading through The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson. Not so great. There are way more boring/slow parts than good. I am determined to finish it because I paid for it. The Help is next and I am super excited.

Love you and miss you all.


  1. oh my will loooove the help. :) have so much fun in DC!

  2. "i have nothing to say to you." so sasha
    also, the bus boy looks a little like kevin. weird

  3. ahhhhhh the good old days. that was real fun.