Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pinky and the Brain

Hi there. So turns out my camera battery is dead and before it decided to die it told its charger to run away and never come back. Which is why I have yet to post any pictures from the cruise or any other part of my day-to-day life that (I just know) you are super excited to see about. Therefore I have decided to update you via computer picture. 


As of right now I am studying uber-exciting Anatomy & Psychology because I have a quiz tomorrow. And a big ol' exam on Monday. Sarcasm aside, I do actually enjoy both of the classes I am taking. Which makes me excited for the *hopeful* OT program at University of Saint Augustine. 

This is what I'm going to look like when I get all that knowledge in my head (I'm gonna have a big brain). I shall study until it's time for Tuesday Night Dinner. And that is all for tonight. 

Miss you!

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  1. Love the pictures, although the second one is obviously my favorite. Obviously.