Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guess What?!?!

The Pumpkins are here! Yesterday after work Zach and I headed over to the "Pumpkin Church" and unloaded about 5 million pumpkins off a giant semi. It was a lot of fun and super dirty. 

Pumpkins smell pretty horrible. Maybe not all the time, maybe just after they have been living in a semi for a couple days in the Florida heat. While we were passing the pumpkins we were discussing how wonderful pumpkin scented things smell and how ironic it is that pumpkins actually smell like moldy feet. 

I am super excited about Fall.

Miss you and love you. 

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  1. I never actually participated in the pumpkin pass at the pumpkin church, but it sounds stinky and hard, and also a little bit like fun :) Glad pumpkins have arrived! They're almost here at the church by my house here as well.