Monday, October 15, 2012

Bone Practical in T-1.5 hours

Hi there. I feel like I should be studying for this bone practical, but I more so feel like I should give my brain a break until it's time to spew out all the information. So I shall blog. 

Last weekend I spent the majority of the time working on invites for my friend, Deborah's baby shower! I spent most of the time on a completely different idea. I didn't like it in the end so I started all over again and finished this little guy in about an hour. This is what I ended up with:

 Me, Mattie, and Cally have started a new Thursday night tradition. And by "tradition" I mean that we have done this like 3 weeks in a row so seems like I can call it a tradition.  Every Thursday night Cally and I meet Mattie downtown after she gets off work at 9:30. We go to a bar for cheap drinks, walk around, maybe even order some food. It's always a good time.
Before Cally found us.

After Cally found us.
Yesterday I took a study break and decided I need to paint something. Of course this desire came on after gawking at Pinterest for an hour a little bit. I added an old painting and a new painting to the hall!

Love these two.

In other news, we found our missing hermit crab! The other morning I found him scaling the back of our toaster oven! I heard a weird noise from the other room and I went to investigate. When I realized the noise was coming from the toaster oven I was slightly afraid I was going to find a half cooked hermit crab trying to escape his dilapidated shell. Ech. But he's just fine! I replaced the dirt in his terrarium--ya know--since his old roommate was found dead beneath the surface. He seems happy, but he is constantly trying to escape. 

Miss you and love you all!


  1. LOVE the bicycle painting!!!!!!!!!! That would be a great Christmas present ;)

  2. I love it too!! Maybe one day we could have a skype craft day! :)

  3. I also LOVE the bicycle painting. I'll fight Cally for it...

  4. I seriously adore the new painting. It's fabulous

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  6. I really like the new painting. I think it's amazing.