Saturday, October 20, 2012

Date Night, Punkin Carvin, Painting

This past week(?) had been quite lovely. Baby J (lil' babe I sit for) was a delight, my Bone Practical was finished on Monday so I didn't have anything crazy to study for, and I got to go on not one but TWO dates with my Love.  Oh, and today I got to paint something for a wonderful girl who wanted to BUY a painting from me. A-mazing. At some point in time Zach picked up two quite great pumpkins from the Pumpkin Church and I carved the big one. I love carving the pumpkin and I also love baking the seeds! 

Monday night, our weekly date night, we went to The Floridian. I absolutely loved it. We took our time and ordered amazingly delicious food and it was wonderful. The other date night was going out to J.P. Henleys and ordering beer and sandwiches. Yum. I only have pictures from the Floridian. . .so enjoy.

This is the church where Zach works!

The Floridian is amazing inside.
In other news. Today I painted a picture for a lovely lady, Toni. She requested a painting of her dog. I had a lot of fun painting it, but I was a little nervous at first because I never paint realistic things (anything with a face that doesn't involve a line for a mouth and a little circle for the eye). Here's the outcome:

The pup, Ellie.

Step 1: Pencil drawing & outside paint.


Bottom of a plate for paint.
 I actually like the end result a lot. I also liked using a cold plate to hold the paint. I shall use this trick again. Hope Toni likes it! Now time to go play games with friends. 

Miss you and love you all. 


  1. I get to see you in less than a week! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. The puppy portrait is great Kaley! Kudos to you :)

  3. And also, I just nominated you for a blog award :) Check it out on mine, at this link: