Sunday, November 1, 2009


That's right. This week/Halloween was pretty dang weak. Let me tell you why:

1. This week is "Reading Week" for Zach which means that he doesn't have classes, yet is basically forced to do nothing but study. So that's not fun.

2. I contracted a nasty cold at some point in the beginning of the week. Today is Sunday and the cold is still very much here.

3. I have been one of the openers at Starbucks for the last 2 days. This entails me showing up to work at 5:15am which means waking up no later than 4:30am. Booooo

4.Though I did get to dress up as a cat at work for Halloween. . . .I still had to be there so early (wah wah wah). By 6:30 pm I was ready to be in bed. In fact I did go to bed at 7:00. . . .I fell asleep around 9:00.

5. Speaking of sleep. . . . .the night before my first opening shift I didn't sleep. Nope, not one wink. Not sleeping on top of having a cold is no good!

6. Not one trick-or-treater came by the house. Probably because I thought I turned the porch light on (welcoming sign) but I later found out that the light was off. I did walk around with my neighbors Sarah and Karen and handed out candy to little chitlins.

And that is why this week was just not that great! However, there was a bit of light that among all the poopy darkness. Yesterday Zach and I received a loving Halloween care package from my wonderful parents. In an overly stuff Manila envelope we found 2 scarves, 1 bad of Werthers candies, 1 bag of Jelly Bellies, 2 3-packs of holiday dish towels (which my step-mom Cathy is famous for), a pair of Halloween socks, and a card signed by my parents, my sister Lindsey
, and our pets.

On another note. . . for Halloween Zach was a low-profile lumberjack by day and Batman by night.


  1. man, I'm sorry your week was weak!
    I can relate, I still haven't fully kicked this big and my brain feels like it's going to explode from all the studying I did.

  2. I seriously love reading about your Starbucks stuff. You elicit such great memories of the nights before an open when I would lay in bed trying so hard to sleep without any success. You also make me really happy that I don't do that anymore. I'm loving the Batman get-up. (Even though I still say Superman is better)

  3. Kenz opens for the first time tomorrow at starbucks. She's out of her training and already got her first mug award a couple days ago for doing so well :) I'm sorry you have been feeling gross. I miss you tons!
    P.S. Please rent the movie "Totally Awesome." It's really funny.