Monday, November 9, 2009

Job well done.

These past few days have been just lovely. Let me tell you why. Friday I had the day off. On my days off I typically head to Starbucks to pick-up my aprons so I can wash them. On this day off I also had a paycheck to pickup so that right there makes the day great! Afterwards I called Zach and we decided to meet for lunch since we were both downtown (he was there for class). We went by Olive's and picked up delicious food. We picnicked in front of a Princeton building.

I still don't know what the building is used for, but it's beautiful. I don't actually remember what we did Friday night, but I'm sure it was very relaxing. Saturday I had to open for work. Despite opening, I still had a very delightful day. Everyone was in a pretty good mood. Saturday morning Zach left for Pennsylvania to see his mom and grandparents. I knew I would miss him but I was also very excited for him. Sunday I woke up and went to NYC with my friend Theo from work. We drove to the ferry and took it into the city.

From there we met up with Dan---Theo's friend----and then headed into the Guggenheim to see Kandinsky's exhibit.

The exhibit was exciting to see, however my favorite piece was by Anish Kapoor. You looked into that giant metal piece and saw nothing but darkness.

It was mysteriously wonderful. Knowing that I was looking into something that I just walked around. . . but not being able to see the other side. It's like when you find yourself in complete darkness and you try and make out whatever is in front of you, but you can't. There's just space. I loved it.

Moving on. . . after the Guggi we went and met up with Megan (my dear dear friend from high school) for lunch/dinner. We found a cute place with outdoor seating, burgers, and beer.
Our food was delicious. . .there was even a crazy man with a martini glass and a fantastic voice. He spoke about the wonders of alcohol. It was funny. Theo and Dan were not amused.

After that we went to another exhibit at the New Museum on Bowery which was also really great. The picture at the top of this blog was taken from the top floor of the New Museum building. It was really pretty.

After that we took the Subway to Times Square to ---well---to look at all the pretty lights.

A wonderful and very relaxing trip to the city. Good job us.

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