Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Daily Daydream

So everyday I dream about this wonderful place.
The daydream only lasts about 15 seconds. But I have this whole image of a "perfect world." This "world" actually only consists of this tiny town that my old Saint Augustine community calls home.

It would be amazingly quaint and cozy. This is how it starts. . . I tell my daydream to Zach who tells it to Josh who tells it to someone else. etc. etc. Then we all get curious and no one really has any amazing job that keeps them in Saint Augustine. So we all start researching. . . and then someone finds a quaint wonderful town that just needs a little love. The town is either in north Georgia or Tennessee. Somewhere wonderful and secret. Not like Asheville or even Elizabethton----yes even more secret and cozy than that. So we all decide to take a big risk and move there. Miraculously we all get a house there and everyone is married or living with a roommate.

Oh, do not fret, we all have wonderful jobs. Zach and I run the art/magic store.

Dan and Meg run the Outfitters store. Zack Carson works there because he loves the outdoors and gets to do what he wants.

Zeke owns and runs the local hot dog joint. He also sells burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

Cally and Dani begin teaching classes at the local schools. Enabling the schools to integrate hearing and deaf students.

Christina also teaches there. She loves her history students but prefers her art classes more. Do not fear, our tiny town is not effected by the bad economy. Our schools are not only able to offer art, but also Music and P.E. Cally also teaches music and Jenni is the P.E. coach and Health teacher. Jenni also created our very own Running Club!

Nicole---because we all know she belongs in Saint Augustine--- works at the church as the youth pastor and interprets in both the contemporary and traditional service. When she's not busy with those crazy kids. . . . she interprets for Josh at town meetings. Josh is the town planner. He ensures that we all live in a wonderful efficient community. Because we live in such a wonderful town we have a lot of people passing through to get a glimpse our perfect community. Since there are some crazy strangers out there---we have Jeff! Jeff is the Sheriff in town.

He keeps us all safe ( Andy Griffith style). Every Thursday night we all meet at our favorite restaurant. I don't know what it's called yet, but Adam is the chef and Laurie is the hostess/deals with people person.

It's delicious and there is a different special every week. Though we are a tiny community we do have a local paper. Our local gazette features the photos and editorials of Halie. She is very busy reporting on the events for the upcoming weekend and the future of our little piece of heaven.

Stephen is always giving her leads. He is the president of our chamber of commerce. He makes sure that new comers feel welcome in our little community. He also does boring business things that he loves while economically maintaining our town.

We live 2 hours away from the closest International Airport. So all of our families have no problem visiting us. Plus, Florida is only like 4-5 hours away.

Our M.I.A. friend Brittany still updates us on her whereabouts. She is currently living in North Dakota teaching Sunday school.

When my day dream is over I remember my Once Upon A Time Saint Augustine community. I miss the town and everyone who made it my home.


  1. Kaley!!!! You just made my day (since it is 12:44am...and the start of a new day)!!!!!! This is the best St Augustine daydreaming ever.... I never realized that we had such a diverse group of friends.. enough to run a small town! Everyone fits so perfectly into their jobs. Let's start researching a place, and get the hubs to recruit- we can make it happen!

    Miss you :)

  2. i love this daydream very much it sounds similar to mine

  3. This made me so incredibly happy. Sitting in the library smiling like a goofball. I love you and your wonderfully creative mind!

  4. love it...and north dakota?? i don't even know where that is!! :) love you, miss you, and hope god is doing great things in your life in this very moment!! :)

  5. Can I be a spanish-speaking immigrant that works as a custodian at Cally and Dani's school? I won't live in the town because I can't afford it, but I will commute in everyday for work and everyone will (hopefully) be like "There's that Josué guy. He doesn't live here, but he's nice to have around."

  6. Ugh! Let's make this happen. I love hotdogs!


  7. This just made me tear up a little bit :) What a wonderful place this would be! We really did live in a fantasy world, having so many wonderful friends and places to go and see. I am so thankful for those 2 years.