Monday, May 3, 2010

Flash Mob

Sooo since my last post. . .. I have. . . .participated in Communiversity (I made cotton candy for the Princeton Arts Council), I went to IKEA with Rae, went to Pats with Rae and Kevin, saw some movies, worked, visited Kersteenuh Jangles Congi in NY. . .and did some other things that are just not very exciting at all.

Christina and I had such a fantastic time together this past weekend. Right when I got there we went to this amazing Mexican restaurant called Cafe Maya. I had Sangria, oysters, chips and dip and Christina had fajitas. . .yum yum. We sat in the bar area and listened to the singer guitar guy and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. After dinner we relaxed on Christinas porch and talked for the rest of the night. Saturday was such a girly day(which was great). It included pedicures, lots of shopping, sushi, watching a bit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a surprise party, and a chick-flick. Sunday we went to church and then I headed back to my wonderful Zach in Princeton. Yay for good and much needed time with "homey" friends.

And now I am back to another week at good ol' Sbux. Who knows what the week will bring. Zach is out of town for the week at a retreat for his class. Which is mostly sad but also kinda like a fun little alone time vacation for me. But like 98% of me will be missing him a whole lot. Knowing that the house will be exactly the way I left it at when I left will be nice though!

. . .but I miss him already. . .

So that's the scoop. Nothing too crazy.

Love you and miss you all!

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  1. "homey friends" make me happy :) I miss you both and we FOR REAL need to plan our weekend getaway..... dejavu of our double date ;)