Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh hello. . . .

Things that made this past week great:

I joined the gym and was finally able to make time to sign the papers and get started with the trainer. Afterwords my arms felt like they might fall off. Still totally worth it. I learned that I love the gym that I am going to and I'm excited about going back on Monday.

2. Work went well this week which always makes me happy.

3. Thursday evening Zach and I had dinner with our neighbor Sarah and her lovely parents. The dinner her dad made was absolutely delicious and her mom was very Southernly charming and warm.

4. After that amazing dinner and time with friends Rae picked me up and we headed to Hamilton for Sex & the City 2. We both loved it and laughed real hard.

5. I am pretty sure I laughed the loudest in the theater which kinda makes me embarrassed but also makes me happy.

6. Friday evening Zach and I had dinner at home and then headed into town for Twist. So dang yummy. You can't go wrong with soft serve strawberry yogurt and an assortment of fresh fruit. After our delicious dessert we can home and fell asleep watching Troy and Harry Potter.

7. Today we slept in. I could stop there because sleeping in is amazing. I mean today I got to sleep 6 hours later than normal! 6 hours is the average amount of sleep I get on week nights. Crazy. Anyways, around noon I made bagged lunched and then we headed to Hurricane Harbor!
We had such a fun and relaxing time. It was their opening day so we thought it was going to be busy. The longest line we waited in was maybe 6 minutes.

8. On the way home from Hurricane Harbor we stopped by Stewarts. Chili dog with mustard, onions, and ketchup, side of fries and splitting a Black Cow (Root beer float) with Zach makes for a perfect meal.

9. Once we got home I accidentally fell asleep for an hour. Impromptu naps are wonderful. When I woke up Zach and I headed to the Princeton Public Library to pick up some movies and check out their TV series collection. We ended up with The Graduate and Vampires Assistant.
Both good. One obviously was better than the other.

10. After the movies we headed out to the Princetonian Diner. I have been wanting to go to this place for months. Totally worth it. Such a quaint little place with a never ending menu. Then when we were paying the sweet old register man gave us a free pack of Starburst!

Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow brings church, the Record Exchange, Public Library, and a trip to St. Josephs Seminary. Then on Wednesday we fly to Tampa for a fun filled week of family, friends, and boating! YAYYYYY

Love and miss you all!

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