Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well hello to you.

Hello there! This past week of work was pretty much normal and OK right up until Thursday afternoon. But it was all worth it because I have a job. . . . but most importantly. . . I have the best husband in the whole wide world. Zach knew I had a rough day at work and so he decided to surprise me with a little bit of relaxation. I came home to a bathtub full of hot water and lemony bath salts in a bathroom full of candles. It was wonderful. After zonking out and enjoying that for a bit we got ready and went out to one of our favorite "fancy time" restaurants Salt Creek Grille. And yes Christina, I wore, "the Dress."

----side story----

When I was in NY with Christina we went shopping and she tried on this zebra like tight fitting low cut dress. . .something that's fun to try on but also something that I would have never have tried on had she not been in the dressing room right next to me with it in her possession. So after both of us tried on the same dress we both decided to purchase it and wear it out on "fun" occasions. Why? Because it made our butts look good and hugged on the right spots (I knew Zach would love it---and he does.)

----moving on----

Dinner at Salt Creek Grille was perfect. It's such a great spot because it's beautiful and has a piano bar. Super jazzy and fun. Afterward we went home and, after rummaging through old VHS movies, we found Far and Away. Good movie. Weird having to rewind.

Friday I worked and then after I got home and changed clothes Zach and I went to Iano' s for pizza and hot wings. The temperature outside was in the low 80s so I got to wear a cute little sundress without freezing my butt off. It was warm and cozy outside and I loved it. After dinner we headed over to the cute and quaint Princeton Garden Theater. Though it looks insufficient from the outside, the inside boasts (small but perfect) stadium seating theaters.

That evening we enjoyed watching Robin Hood. We both really liked it. Funny, actiony, very well put together. It would have been a perfect viewing of a film had this guy behind my not been hacking up his right lung. But I digress.

After the movie we headed over to the yummiest yogurt shop. Twist!

Twist offers around 6 different types of soft serve yogurts. Last night I ended up with Strawberry and vanilla. With a tiny bit of Pomegranate. Then there's a wonderful toppings bar. typically I go for an even mixture of fruit and chocolate. But last night I stuck with Raspberries, Blackberries, kiwi, and one orange gummy bear. Zach and I walked around Princeton with our delicious treats for about an hour. We window shopped. Which for us means Zach and I go up to a window and Zach tries to pick out what I would like and what I don't like at all. It's fun for us. . . .don't judge.

So. . . this brings me to Saturday. Well, right now I am sitting here on our very yellow couch with my two kitties. Water is boiling for Earl Grey tea. It's absolutely beautiful outside. The windows are open. The leaves in the trees are all waving to me. (well they are) Who knows what I will do. I plan on having a wonderful relaxing day full of things I want to do. All I know is that I will not be working and the laundry is done. So I hope you all have a lovely Saturday and a wonderful coming week.

Miss you and love you all.


  1. I like this entire post. It makes me happy :)I hope your Saturday is great!

    PS. I want to see "the dress"!

  2. I also like the entire post. Especially the last paragraph explaining today. I'm jealous of your today, and wish I could have been a part of it.

    I as well would like to see "the dress," cuz it sounds amazing, and I love zebra.

    Also, I'm obsessed with frozen yogurt right now, and always put those exact fruits on mine, with the majority being kiwi. Completely Obsessed.

    Love, love.

  3. It looks like I'm having some trouble getting my face to express emotion in that picture.

  4. hey kaley,
    i just wanted to let you know that i love reading your blog. especially right alongside with Rae's - even though sometimes it makes me feel a little queasy how ridiculously cute you are. But it makes me feel like i'm somehow a part of your crazy Princeton lives. I hope I can come visit sometime - or you guys can make it up to Boston or something.