Sunday, February 13, 2011

For Nicole

My dear friend Nicole---who lives very, very, very far away from me--- told me that I should blog more. I thought I blogged a lot. But by, "more" she means every day. I blog when I feel like I have done something worth sharing, or Zach has done something worth sharing. Or I have pretty pictures that I want to share. None of which has happened lately. Regardless, I am blogging right now for my leetle friend Nicole because I want her to have something new to look at when she sees my blog. So let's see. . . .

Today was a productive day. Yes it was Sunday and no I did not go to church because I am a slacker. Though it was still a productive day. I did laundry, I cleaned the whole house, I ironed my shirt (something I never do), I went to the mall with Rae, I unloaded groceries that Zach-my-of-so-wonderful-fantastic-hubsband brought home to me. . . . .----this is where things stop being productive-----I ordered a pizza so it would be home sometime around when Zach got home. . . . and well that's about it. Oh yeah! I started on Zachs Vday card.

All in all a super duper exciting day full of calmness. But I did find this:So sweet. Miss you and love you all.

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  1. This MADE my morning!!! Thank you Kaley, love you! Knowing me I'll probably have another one up either tonight or tomorrow.