Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're like the MonStars. . . but nicer. . . .

Tonight we played basketball. By "we" I mean Zach and I and by "basketball" I mean so-much-fun-basketball.

We joined the intramural team at the Seminary and so far we are undefeated (we have played 4 games, only 2 of which I have been apart of). Zach is pretty much awesome at basketball and so is everyone else on the team. I have learned that I'm not too shabby myself. I'm not sure how, but I did manage to score a 3 pointer tonight. . .so that was pretty awesome.

We had so much fun and afterwards we went to Wawa and got ICEEs. yum.

Miss you and love you all.


  1. Congrats on being undefeated! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! =)