Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Daze

This weekend was wonderful. Lazifully wonderful. Well, part of me believes that. The part of me that longs for cozy hours on the couch under a heated blanket in front of an old movie. There's always that other part of me that nudges me out of my PJs and into some real clothes hoping to see the sunshine. Which is why I did manage to get my hair trimmed for a meager $18. Cheapest haircut in . . . .  14 years? Thanks to the haircuttery a block away from my house. Not a bad job either! 

Hair: Trimmed
Face: Pretending to have more energy. 
Before the weekend began I made a gluten free shmorgishborg for my co-worker Mary. We all take turns being responsible for eachothers birthdays and this time around it was my turn to make the yummies for Mary. So Friday morning I brought in Gluten-free cupcakes with chocolate icing topped with dried pineapple flowers, a pretty fruit salad, and nutella-peanut butter rice krispie treats (gluten free). I got the Pineapple Flower idea from a blog I follow, Fedish. You should follow it too! The spread made everyones tummy happy and made Mary feel loved. So job well done! 

Friday night I ended up going to Medieval Times with Mary and two other coworkers to celebrate her birthday. It was pretty hilarious and the food was good. An experience that everyone really should have. We all had a great time and it was nice to be able to hang out with fun coworkers outside of work.  

Tonight I finally booked our room in Niagara Falls. We will leave this Wednesday morning and come back Friday evening. This is where we will be staying: 

The Red Coach Inn! It is going to be our first bed and breakfast experience and I'm excited!
Zach and I are super pumped to explore Niagara (and get our swim on?). We are trying to see everything we can before we leave for Florida in June. Hopefully I will get some good pictures from our trip. 

Miss you and love you all!

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  1. Wahoo Niagra!! And Medieval Times! So fun! I miss you lady!