Sunday, January 1, 2012


Normally at 10:30 on a Sunday night I would be getting ready to go to bed, but this little lady right here doesn't have to go to work tomorrow! Which is extremely exciting. However, it is the last day of my nice little vacation which is also kinda sad. I choose to use this time to blog about our holiday. So so lovely. This year our house felt supremely cozy. Everything was just right. See?

Zach and I were not the only two people who got to enjoy the coziness! Paula (Zach's momma) was here for a couple days before Christmas and Zeke (Zach's brotha) was here for about a week. Having more than two people in our tiny itty bitty apartment is a lot---for me, Zach could care less--- but Zach helped to keep my stress down by helping me keep things clean and somewhat orderly. While Paula was in town we walked around Princeton, Lambertville, and New Hope. She also made it to NYC with Zeke and Zach. Most of Zeke's visit on the other hand was spent here:

Playing video games for hours on end.
Which was fine. As long as they were happy (and the house was clean) I was happy. Good times had by all. Zeke was in town for Christmas so he joined us and the McNeals for Christmas dinner. So delicious and so fun. 

Brothers = Love

I made placemats for everyone. I thought about going out and buying them. . . but then I remembered that was a silly idea. Plus it may or may not have been one of my favorite Christmas activities and I may or may not be doing this every year. I was pretty proud of the meal I made. . . specifically these carrots that I loved way more than everyone else. I love holiday food, so much in fact that I will be taking a break from sweets until further notice. Oh yeah! Also, we did send out a Christmas card and if you didn't receive one I am just going to blame it on the post office. They are super busy. Here it is right here! 

After Zeke left I was in need of some much needed Zach and Kaley Super Fun Time. We slept in late and headed into Princeton to walk around and try out a new tea place. It ended up being a pretty blustery day so we decided to stay in the tea place the whole time and enjoy our chai. So delicious. What is it about reading in public with a cup of tea that is so much better than reading at home with a cup of tea? Perhaps we just feel like we are *accomplishing something--*not being lazy-- if we are out and about. Silly us. Whatever I love it.  That night we cozied up in front of Midnight In Paris. Also very good. 

At some point in time I got to play Phase Ten. If you know me at all then you should know that this is worth mentioning on account of how much I love this game. The night before NYE our friends the Heinemans (bottom right of the collage below) invited us over for homemade spring rolls. They were delicious and so easy. I definitely plan on making the exact same meal very soon. Then it was time for New Years Eve! The McNeals hosted a little get together at their place. We all enjoyed delicious food, laughed, and played some games. Rae brought back the old school game of Signs. Which was fun for a bit until we realized that we really didn't have enough people. Still good times. 

2011 was pretty good, but I don't think it's going to compare to 2012. I begin my journey towards grad school, Zach graduates, we MOVE BACK TO FLORIDA. . . I mean it just gets better and better. 

Also . .Happy Anniversary Cat & Dad! 16 years and going strong!

Love you!

We love you and miss you all!


  1. I love your Christmas card and I'm never taking it off our fridge! I also love those placemats! You so cute :)

  2. Definitely the most original christmas card!! I too, am not taking it off the fridge!!'re apartment looks like its from a cozy magazine....SO adorable!