Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Cleaning

The other day I experienced a moment of clarity and cleaned out my closet. This is a very hard thing for me to do. I hate getting rid of perfectly good clothes, even if I haven't worn them in over a year. Maybe I will tomorrow! But I won't. Luckily though, at that time I was in one of those moods when I simply don't mind getting rid of things. Perhaps it helps that I live above a lovely girl who gladly accepts my slightly worn threads. Parting is much easier when I know the clothes are going to a good home. Hanger by hanger, I went through every bit of clothing I own. Some things I immediately threw in the "get rid of pile", others I tried on in hopes that they would still fit the exact same way they did 3 years ago. HA! I peeled off the sad piece of clothing and placed it in the "going away forever even though I don't want it to" pile. The gym and I have become BFFs. Well, actually right now we are in a fight, but I plan on mending our relationship this afternoon. I stood her up 3 days in a row. Tsk tsk. My closet actually has room to breath now and so far I haven't missed one piece of clothing. 

This morning I experienced another moment of clarity. I was on facebook while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and I thought to myself, "Self, I in no way care about what these people are saying." So I unsubscribed from about 100 news feeds. It was refreshing and I plan on continuing minimizing the amount I read before I get to the people I currently speak with. I highly recommend this practice.

Now I am off to the gym. I acquired some new kicks for the gym that make my workout that much more enjoyable (less painful). 

These shoes are the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever worn. Before these bad boys my ankles were killing me and I my hip was aching---basically I felt like an old woman. Knowing that the pain from working out won't come until after the workout makes going less of a hassle. 

Also, I am proud to say that I have gone a whole week without sweets! I decided that it was time to retrain my sweet tooth. The holidays totally screwed up my minds idea of a "normal" amount of sweets. All of our patients at work brought in goodies everyday. It was ugly. *Side note--If you google "bad sweet tooth" you get a lot of disturbing images.*

Man I keep thinking of things:

Right now Zach is in Lakeland, FL at an ordination conference. This is exciting because it's one more step closer to becoming an ordained Methodist pastor. I wasn't jealous of his trip to Florida---I know, ordination conference, what was I thinking...SO FUN!---until I learned that tonight he gets to go out to dinner with my parents to celebrate my dads birthday. My parents are great. Lucky. 

OK--now to the gym. Then it's time for girls night out. Watch out Princeton, it's gonna be a wild and crazy night! 

Miss you and love you all. 


  1. I want your clothes! eh! do you have any left over for me to peek through next weekend? love your new sneakers, but i love you MORE! xoxox

  2. I really really liked this post :)

  3. Zach will be the best Methodist minister EVER. I can just tell.

  4. That was MY halter top you "donated," and now I want to scream at you and knock your ice cream in the dirt.