Sunday, January 15, 2012

Three Whole Years

On January 10th Zach and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Best one yet. Or do they just keep getting better? Hard to tell. I took the day off--for obvious reasons. I slept in late while Zach headed off to his 9am class. Such a good student. After he got home(and surprised me with beautiful flowers) we finished getting ready for our Day-O-Fun and then we got in the car and headed to the Memphis Tap Room in Philadelphia. 

We added the restaurant to our day the night before because it was featured on Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives and it looked delicious. We ended up choosing the beer-battered kosher dills, beef and onion pasties, and the smoked coconut club. Everything was delicious and unique. After lunch we headed back to Princeton. We wanted to get eachother a pocketknife in celebration of another year together so we stopped by Eastern Mountain Sports and picked out our very own knives. I know, super traditional and romantic. Don't make fun of me or I'll cut you. Next we headed to the theater to catch The Adventures of Tin Tin. Zach and I both enjoyed it, the animation was amazing. 

Then on to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Princeton, La Mezzaluna. We took our time at the restaurant and had a wonderful evening laughing and enjoying eachothers company. And also listening to the crazy conversations going on around us. Can't help it. I love being married to my best friend. We laugh so dang hard together and we argue and we hug and we wrestle and I get tickled even though I hate it and Zach gets hurt because I hate it that much and we go on "adventures" together and I love it all and I love him completely. We are so incredibly blessed to have one another. So so good. 

I ended my wonderful week with a trip to visit my friend Cerstina Jangles Congi. Well that's what Zach and I like to call her. Our weekend was super relaxing and fun. We ate yummy food, watched Bridemaids, walked around Beacon, NY, sipped some delicious lattes at a cute cafe, and caught up with eachother. I always look forward to these visits. 

There's a mountain in the back but you can't see it
 because my camera is old and tired.
 I can't for Christina to come visit us in Princeton before we move back to Florida! Zach and I are planning on going to Niagara Falls next week so pictures to come! 

Miss you and love you!


  1. You and Zach are one of the cutest sweetest couples around. I hope my marriage is one day as good as yours. :) I love you both so much!!

  2. so sweet! congratulations- love you guys!