Monday, September 7, 2009

Here's a bit of NJ:

Moving was hard. In fact we are still unpacking boxes. . . so it's actually not over. This is our little **very little** ABF relo-cube. Though I was given the measurements before I ordered one, my mental image was way bigger than the actual size. Needless to say, we left behind a few pieces of furniture. We gave away 3 bookshelves---2 of which Zach was very attatched to. His favorite went to his brother Zeke--so that's good. And the other one went to our dear friends Megan and Dan who are newlyweds and appreciate good and much needed furniture. (We love and miss all three of them very much) Continuing. . .we also gave away our coffee table to our good and wonderful friend Halie along with some other odds and ins. Halie was a huge help when it came to packing. THANKS HALIE!!! Our dinner table went to the fabulous Christina. We love her too. She was also part of the packing crew. THANKS CHRISTINA!! My parents took a T.V. and a sweet side table back to Tampa with them. They are most likely sitting in my old bedroom. (We also love them)

We were very proud of all that we were able to fit into that tiny cube.

John and Zeke were also a big big help. They helped Zach fit everything---almost everything---into the cube.
Pretty much every second I wasn't packing, I spent time with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I love these girls so much. They are my sisters. They are the best.

Obviously some girls are missing. We went to the Casa Monica for some treats and people watching. I am also going to miss the Casa Monica. Best people watching spot.

So after many tears and goodbyes and puffy eyes. . .me, Zach, Zeke, Cheech, Scooby, and a lot of luggage headed to Emporia Virginia and then to Princeton New Joysee.

During this very long trip we learned that we have the best traveling kitties in the world. They just slept and looked cute the whole time.

There you have it! So we are finally in Princeton. Very very cute town (pictures to come). On our first day here we unpacked the car and then headed downtown. We ate dinner at a really yummy little hole in the wall place called PJ's Pancakes. One the second day. . .we went to NYC!

Zach and Zeke on their very first train ride. They were both very excited. AND it was their first trip to NYC. Yay for gooood times!

So not only did we get to see NYC but we also got to see my long lost friend Megan!!!

This was taken on top of Megan's apartment building. We also hung out with Zeke and Zachs friend Blake (who is also my new friend!).

So far this has been a huge adventure and we have only been living here for a week. We are super happy and excited for everything that is instore for us. We know that we are both very blessed and we are both very thankful. Now, all I have to do is find a job!!!!


  1. I loved reading your blog and seeing all your pictures! You guys are going to have a great life up in Jersey! I miss you lots and will have to visit one day. Make sure when you go to Carlo's Bakery you say hello to Buddy for me! xoxoxo!

  2. I miss you! AND I have ridden the Jersey transit before. fun fun. but not really, more like poop poop. Ill see you tomorrow! I mean later! LOVE LOVE