Saturday, September 19, 2009

Terhune Apple Orchard

Today was Apple Day! Zach and I decided to head to the local Terhune Apple Orchard for their annual Apple Festival. I felt like I was walking through Stars Hollow and at any moment I was going to run into Lorelai and Rori.

This cute little farmers market had fresh vegetables and apple cider straight from the orchard. It was crowded with hungry people for pretty much the whole day. I love it because it is full of apple desserts, vegetables grown on the farm, and the smell of cinnamon.

There was also a pig roasting!

One of our fun-filled activities was walking through the apple orchard! We didn't pick any because we have plenty of apples at home. They all still looked very very tasty.

While we were walking around amongst the apples we saw these huge pheasants. We don't actually know what kind of bird they were. . . but we liked them. We also found a very well put together nest and a yellow jacket. Fact: Yellow Jackets are EVERYWHERE here!

All the flowers were pretty amazing. You could go to the little store and borrow the scissors and cut flowers. They were 25 cents each. I didn't do it. . . . . but I could have.

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