Monday, September 7, 2009

While I have a bit of time. . .

The weekend of August 21 my dad and I went to Savannah, GA for a father/daughter trip (awwww). It was very hot outside but nonetheless a very fun trip. We walked all throughout the little--and very beautiful town.

I also found one of my new favorite stores in the United States: The Paris Market.

The Paris Market is full of random but amazing pieces. For instance, I got a wicker-woven-large-acorn that I am going to hang somewhere in the apartment. In the basement of this mysterious wonderland there was stuffed birds of all kinds. Creepy---but interesting. Oh and tons of pretty smells from France---and other foreign places that I don't remember.

There was a pool on top of our hotel and when we went to check it out we realized that the view was pretty great! Nice surprise.

We ate at many delicious restaurants. My favorite was Uncle Bubbas. Uncle Bubba is Paula Dean's brother! As our appetizer we ordered delicious grilled/smoked/magically created oysters. For dinner I had crab and cheese grits. Amazing! However, by the end of the dinner I was covered in butter and crab juice. . .and I smelled like cajun seasoning. It was well worth it! Oh yeah, also our friend Merida joined us for din din.

Oh yes, how could I (almost) forget our very eventful Ron White comedy show! I have witnessed his shows on comedy central and they seem censored enough. Though it was silly of me to think that his live shows would be the same. Boy was I wrong. Though hilarious at times, a Ron White show is probably not the best choice for Father/Daughter weekend entertainment. But who knew? (Not us) Not only were we entertained by Ron White, during the show two men were kicked out (at different times) AND a fight broke out. . . so they were also kicked out. But I guess that's bound to happen when you have a redneck comedian performing for a bunch of other rednecks.

Also on one of the afternoons we made it out to Tybee Island. It was a short visit. I managed to get out to the beach. . .which actually wasn't that pretty so I just took pictures of the boardwalk.

So yay for Savannha and Father/Daughter trips! I wish I would have known how great Savannah is. . . .when I lived in Saint Augustine I could have driven up for a day trip. Silly me!
Thanks Dad for such a great trip!

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