Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our New Home!

Yay! We are finally here and we absolutely love it. The weather is amazing. Our neighbors are great. Our apartment is now cozy and wonderful. Everything is falling into place. Of course I still have to get a job. . . but that will happen soon enough. Right now I am listening to an Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong playlist on Pandora. . .I just have to say that this is probably the best playlist I have ever listened to from Pandora. Just saying. OK---here is our new home!

This is our little dining room. Our kitties also dine with us. For our first (complete) meal at the table in our new home we had chicken, vegetables, and rice. It was delicious and. . . .well cozy and happy.
Our living room. . . which is basically an extension of our "dining room" ----details----

We wanted to find bookshelves that were actually made out of real wood on craigslist but after much deliberation we broke down and headed to Target. However, the fantastic yellow couch is from a garage sale, the (real) wood side table is from a ladies basement where we also found the coffee table---via craigslist. And yes, that side table does also function as a storage unit. . .very handy. That's where Zach keeps his knitting supplies.

The record player now sits in between the bookshelves underneath one of my favorite paintings from college. That's a lie. . . . I just happened to pack it among all the other "necessary" things I just couldn't leave behind. Ya know. . .like my diploma (red leatha) and my robots.

Our T.V. area basically looks exactly the same as it did in our last place. We both like it, so why change it? You know you wanted another look at that gorgeous couch. You're welcome.

Scooby says "Hi."

In our last place I neglected the top of the bookshelves. So I decided to take good care of them this time. I realized they were a perfect spot for my homemade lamps and a great temporary home for my acorn!

Chee-Chee-Mon also says "Hi." He prefers the yellow couch over all other furniture in the house. Probably because it's velvet. And yellow.

Our bathroom has pink tile. I did what I could for the poor tiny space. . . Overall---it will be fine for the next few years. See that fabric? That's a pillow sham masquerading as a curtain.

This is our very white kitchen. I have done what I can to add some flava. And by "flava" I mean random drawings that I did because I wanted to. Every mature adult couple needs to have a picture of a lumberjack dreaming of pancakes in their kitchen. If you don't---I mean c'mon grow up.
I love our bedroom. It's way bigger than our last bedroom and the window is huge. Which you can't see because of the green curtains that are obscuring your view. Sorry----but I don't want any peepin toms. Plus, it's real bright in the morning and the light wakes me up before I am ready to rise from my slumber.

Cally, Dani, Abby. . .please note the picture on my night stand. I miss you guys!

The door on the far left is our front door. The other two are storage which is really great! They are both pretty large closets.

So that is our new home and I am so glad that I was able to share it with my friends and family who aren't able to jump on a plane and come see it in person (all of you should and you know it).
We have managed to make it cozy and that makes me happier than you can imagine. I can now sleep knowing that I am truly at home with my husband and our two kitties--who are most likely sleeping at our feet---or on the yellow velvet couch.

Love and miss all of you!

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  1. Your house is absolutely ADORABLE! I can't wait to see it in person one day. I love and miss you lots Kaley!!!!!!!!!!! Send me your address and I'll write you letters. XOXOXOXOX! -Nicole